Course of 3 Private Sessions for Mums-to-Be only

Course of 3 Private Sessions for Mums-to-Be only

Your OneLove Birth Mentor will come to you at a time to suit you (evenings work best, but you can choose any time that works for you)

As part of your private antenatal package, you will learn amazing breathing techniques, receive advice on ideal birth positions and a favourite element of the OneLove antenatal package….a private and personalised guided relaxation plan to ensure your mind and body are fully prepared for your labour and keep any worries or anxiety surrounding your birth at bay using positive birth affirmations.

Our most popular option. These sessions are the perfect combination of movement, breathing, education and relaxation.

Suitable from 14-42 weeks. This course includes:-

Movement – Gentle and flowing yoga-style movements. Every movement has a purpose. Carefully designed to help ease common pregnancy discomforts/niggles. As well as encouraging your baby to move (and remain) in the most ideal position for birth.

Breathing – You will learn breathing techniques for every stage of your labour. We aim to fully prepare you for birth by providing you with a toolkit of techniques that you can call upon on your big day. So you do not approach your birth with fear or trepidation, only excitement and confidence, safe in the knowledge that you are fully prepared in every way.

Education – By understanding how the body works during labour, and understanding the complete birth process, you will learn how to work with your body, not against it during your labour. Meaning you can experience a smoother, easier, and often shorter birth. You will learn how to listen to your body and trust that you will know exactly what to do on your big day. We aim to expel the myth that birth is scary, and painful, and that women do not have choices. We aim to empower women to make their own informed choices and to confidently embrace birth.

Deep Relaxation/’Me’ Time – Each session includes a guided relaxation session, which reinforces positive birthing affirmations. This is a wonderfully relaxing end to each session to take some time out of busy lives, away from older children and other responsibilities just to completely relax and focus on your baby and your upcoming birth. A special time that is just for you and your baby to connect and to positively prepare together.

Continuous Support – Your friendly, qualified and experienced antenatal teacher will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. Either during your sessions,  in-between sessions, or at any point in the lead-up to your birth. Your antenatal journey, preparation and support does not have to end when your course does. No question is a silly question at this special time, and all questions will be answered in a safe, comfortable and non-judgmental environment. 

Choice -  Whether you choose to use pain relief during your labour, or prefer a totally natural birth. Whether your birth takes unexpected turns, perhaps ending in a C-section or just doesn't pan out the way you had hoped. Whether you choose to give birth in a hospital, at home or at a birthing centre, or even in the middle of the woods, it makes no difference to us at OneLove Birthing.

No one will be judged on their personal choices. All that matters is that you have choices. That you are able to make your own informed decisions about your birth, and that no matter what turns your birthing journey takes on the day, it is your own birth story. And we celebrate and value every mother and every birth.

Your OneLove Birth Mentor can help you design your perfect birth plan, discuss pain relief options, and answer any questions you may have along the way.

You can also book additional sessions following this initial 3-session course if you wish. This 3-session course will provide  you will all of the techniques you will need on your birthing journey, however you might like to book some additional sessions, if perhaps you are nearing your due date but would like to continue your birth positioning and breathing practice and enjoy some guided relaxation as your birthing day approaches. 

These additional sessions are offered at a discounted rate of £30 per session

Session Duration:- Approx 60-70 mins